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Advanced Biotherapies
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The Promise

Modern biotherapeutics are revolutionizing medicine with novel cellular and genetic therapies for previously untreatable diseases like cancer, genetic disorders, and autoimmune conditions.

The Challenge

Advanced analytical tools are needed to decipher the structural and functional complexities inherent to modern biotherapeutic discovery, development and manufacturing.

Mass Spec Holds the Key

The Gold Standard

With an unmatched combination of accuracy, sensitivity and resolution, mass spectrometry is widely recognized as the gold standard in characterizing complex biological samples.

The Bottleneck

With low-throughput sample prep on the front end, and limited bioanalytical insights on the back-end, mass spec workflows are frustratingly complex, inefficient and tedious.

Andson's Solution:

Sample Prep in Seconds,
Mass Spec in Minutes


1-Second Sample Prep
DynaCHIP packages advanced microfluidics into an easy-to-use system and drops into existing mass spec workflows to enable 1-second sample prep for exponentially faster results.


On-Demand Bioanalytics
DynaMARK, which is a data science module, interfaces with the back-end of any mass spectrometer, and leverages the DynaCHIP platform to generate on-demand bioanalytical insights into modern biopharma workflows.

Andson Biotech Unlocks the
Promise of Modern Biotherapeutics


Accelerate and simplify "common" analytical measurements carried out by conventional mass spec workflows.


Develop better, faster assays to streamline drug discovery and get advanced therapies to market faster.


Reduce time and costs with high throughput bioanalytics and dynamic feedback control.

Our tools simplify and optimize mass spec workflows, help drive down manufacturing costs, reduce drug development timelines and enable new drug processes by directly measuring what matters for these modern bioprocesses.

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