Empowering Mass Spec
For Biotech and Beyond

Rapid Sample Prep and On-Demand Bioanalytics

Introducing DynaCHIP + DynaMARK:

Next Generation Biosensor Platform for the Next Generation of Biotherapeutics
Our flagship product, the DynaCHIP, drops into existing mass spectrometry workflows to enable 1-second sample prep for exponentially faster results. On top of the DynaCHIP platform we are building the DynaMARK, which incorporates a data science module to generate on-demand measurements of the most important metrics for modern biopharma workflows.

Our tools help drive down manufacturing costs, reduce drug development timelines and enable new drug processes by directly measuring what matters for these modern bioprocesses.

Sample Prep in Seconds, Analytics in Minutes


Front-End Hardware


Back-End Software

Our platform empowers Mass Spec to help you measure what matters, faster.


Accelerate and simplify "common" analytical measurements carried out by conventional mass spec workflows.


Develop better, faster assays to telescope the drug discovery process and get advanced therapies to market faster.


Reduce time and costs with high throughput bioanalytics and dynamic feedback control.

Pilot Partnership

We're currently working with Biopharmaceutical leaders to accelerate their mass spec workflows, and with Advanced Therapies Developers to characterize and control the next generation of Advanced Therapies.

Reach out today to learn how we can accelerate your mass spec workflow!