DynaCHIPDynaMARK comprise a next gen biosensor platform that exponentially accelerates mass spectrometry workflows, enables rapid insight into CPPs and CQAs for cell-based bioprocesses and provides dynamic feedback control for biotech and biopharma workflows.

High Throughput Mass Spec Analysis

1 sec
1 sec
Rapid Sample Prep
3 min
Mass Spec Agnostic
Drop-In Integration
Universally Compatible:
Waters, Thermo Fisher, Bruker, etc.
15 min
On-Demand Bioanaltyics


The DynaCHIP is a simple benchtop device that is comprised of a direct sample interface, a benchtop control box and our proprietary microfluidic chip design. With a detachable interface to provide remote flexibility, the DynaCHIP directly interfaces with any mass spectrometer for a simple and fast direct-from-sample-to-analysis process.

1-second sample prep
Micro-fabricated mircofluidic chip for highly repeatable sample prep
Drop-in interface with any ESI Mass Spectrometer
Makes mass spec simple to use for the general practitioner

Microfluidic Chip
Continuous Flow Sample Prep

In “standard operation,” the device utilizes advanced microfluidics and a novel"active sample treatment" to separate, isolate and amplify critical biomolecules from complex biochemical samples in the following manner.

  • Tangential Flow Filtration + Microdialysis
  • Ultrafiltration of deleterious chemicals, e.g., salts
  • Infusing proprietary signal enhancing reagents
  • Expands detection across multiple charge states
  • In-line sample to mass spec analysis
  • Selectively isolates critical large weight molecules

Sample to Analysis in 3 Simple Steps


Load Chip


Inject Sample


Press Go


DynaMARK is a SaaS module that interfaces with the back end of any mass spec and leverages the DynaCHIP platform to enable deeper insights into Advanced Therapy processes. Its easy-to-use interface and advanced visualization tools empower clients to turn their mass spec data into valuable bioanalytic insight for biomarker discovery and beyond. DynaMARK fills a crucial void in the Cell and Gene Therapy space.

ML data science module (*currently in development)
On-demand cell state characterization
Dynamic measurements of CPPs & CQAs
Real-time feedback loop


Common Mass Spec Workflows

Buffer exchange
Rapid cell culture media analysis: Cytokines
Diagnostics, general sample prep
High-abundance protein removal (e.g., Albumin)

Mass Spec for Modern Biotherapeutics

mAb screening: glycan analysis, conformation, etc.
Fingerprint/characterization of cell state
iPSC, T-Cell, MSC process development
Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs)

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