Vision & Mission

Andson's mission is to accelerate the discovery, development, and manufacturing of advanced cell-based therapies. We focus on groundbreaking treatments, including biologics, cell and gene therapies, tissue-engineered products, and modern vaccines. Despite the remarkable success of modern biotherapeutics in managing genetic disorders and curing cancer,  these therapies remain out of reach due to prolonged development times, regulatory hurdles, and high manufacturing costs. We are committed to making these therapies accessible and affordable for all patients in need.

Meet the Team

Not only are we proud of our work, we're proud of the team we've assembled. Andson Biotech is a dedicated group of bioscientists, mass spectrometrists, mechanical engineers, and tech enthusiasts united to transform biotherapeutics discovery, development, and manufacturing.

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisors


NSF Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies

Process Analytical Technology Development

MSC for GVHD & Asthma

iPSC-Derived T-Cell Therapies

Protein Characterization

mAb + Biologics Analysis

Secretome + Biomarker Analysis


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