Austin L. Culberson, PhD

Principal Engineer

Austin Culberson is the co-inventor of Andson's innovative DynaCHIP technology and currently serves as Principal Engineer. Austin has made significant contributions to bioprocessing and biomanufacturing through his innovative work. He pioneered real-time analysis of cell growth and development, revolutionizing the field by providing valuable insights into cellular processes.

Austin also developed microfabricated devices that streamline sample preparation, making the analytical process more efficient. Additionally, he invented a pioneering technology for rapid analysis of complex biochemical mixtures.

Throughout his work, Austin has demonstrated expertise in process analytical technology, microfluidics, and mass spectrometry. He is skilled in detecting biochemicals and correlating metabolic processes with phenotypic changes.

Austin's proficiency in designing innovative solutions has focused on optimizing workflows. His unique expertise and innovative approach have made him a leader in the field, driving advancements in bioprocessing and biomanufacturing.

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