Mason A. Chilmonczyk, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder

Mason developed the DynaCHIP technology for his PhD dissertation at the Georgia Institute of Technology under Andrei G. Fedorov. During his postdoc, Mason served as the entrepreneurial and technical lead for the project, securing Biolocity and Georgia Research Alliance funding to support the development of the technology.

Mason formally cofounded Andson Biotech with Andrei just before it was backed by the well-known accelerator, Ycombinator, for their Winter 2022 batch. Under Mason's leadership, Andson was selected into Merck Pharmaceutical's inaugural accelerator program, the Merck Digital Sciences Studio (2022-2023), as well as the prestigious BioTools Innovator program (2023), where Andson was selected as a top 4 finalist.

Mason has served as a consultant on projects ranging from artificial intelligence cancer diagnosis to resonance-based diagnostics sensors. Before starting his PhD, Mason worked in hands on roles that have benefitted him tremendously as an engineer including a position at a sheet metal/frame shop and as a design engineer for a pharmaceutical packaging company.

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