The DynaCHIP technology is based upon a novel microfluidic chip design that exponentially accelerates sample clean up and conditioning for real-time electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) analysis.

Ultra-High Throughput
Sample-Prep Technology

Sample preparation is the current bottleneck for modern mass spectrometry. The DynaCHIP is a micro-mass exchanger utilizing tangential flow filtration for active sample conditioning in a flow-through configuration with a sample residence time of just 1-second.

Proprietary, Batch Micro-Fabricated
Microfluidic Chip Technology

The microfluidic chip is manufactured via advanced microfabrication that allows for scalable and reproducible production of the device. This ensures easy and repeatable sample prep every time.
  • Proprietary Engineered Fluidic System
  • Batch Microfabricated Fluidic Chip
  • Tunable Nanoporous Membrane
  • Broad Molecular Weight Coverage
  • Nano Sample Volumes
  • Repeatable, Single-Use Chip with Zero Variance
Chip Technical Illustration
  • Tangential Flow Filtration + Microdialysis
  • Ultrafiltration of deleterious chemicals, e.g., salts
  • Infusing Proprietary Signal Enhancing Reagents
  • Expands Detection across Multiple Charge States
  • In-Line Sample to Mass Spec Analysis
  • Selectively Isolates Critical Large Weight molecules

High Throughput Mass Spec Analysis

1 sec
Extract Sample
1 sec
DynaCHIP Rapid
Sample Prep
3 min
Plug and Play:
Benchtop Device
Mass Spec Interface
15 min
DynaMARK Bioanalytics:
Feedback Control
Cell-State Analysis

Drop-In Integration

DynaCHIP enables measurements
of the biomolecules that matter most.